About Mel

It’s taken me a long while to acknowledge and really understand that the things that come ‘easily’ to me and seem so simple, are not necessarily to others. So I’m here to claim my genius as an experienced Online Business Manager and Systems Strategist.

I work mostly with busy and creative business owners, who have beautiful brains full of all.the.idea’s. This typically doesn’t include being excited about tech or creating systems! I delight in taking the time to understand the big visions of a business and guiding the strategies needed to reach them.

There is a common saying among my clients (and friends!) whenever it comes to systems/tech/organisation ‘You need a Mel’.

My ninja ability is in seeing the big picture and breaking down ALL the tiny pieces that make it up. I can see how something we do with A, will impact something at Z (and how it might change steps J, P and S).

Couple that with a love for tech and figuring things out and I now know that I’ve found my place in the work that I do.

How did I get here?

I worked in corporate office roles for 10 years across Finance, Human Resources, Customer Service and Office Management. In 2014 I was massively burnt out and ill, so I said goodbye to corporate life, put Marie Forleo’s BSchool on my credit card and took a leap of faith.

I watched a LOT of Youtube videos. I uplevelled my mindset and cleared a lot of energy blocks (always ongoing!). My very first paid client was just 1 hour of work updating some blog posts. I specialised in webinar support (back before everyone knew what Zoom was!), and quickly filled my client base via word of mouth referrals.

Today I have over 5 years of experience in online businesses and digital programs,

including project managing multi-six figures launches, being the operations manager to a business that built to 7 figures in 2020, and building countless online systems and automations. A successful track record of consistently delivering high impact results and getting more done in a day than most people complete in a week.

Outside of my ‘work’, I am enjoying a recent move to a rural property in South Australia, and spending time outside in the garden with my 2 kids.

Random facts:

  • I have never dyed my hair
  • I was born in Australia but lived in New Zealand for 10 years as a child (my Mum is kiwi!). It is my second home. Queenstown is my favourite place on earth - the ocean is great, but I’m a mountains and lakes gal!
  • I can’t stand coffee
  • I am a chocoholic (unless it contains any kind of coffee flavour - that’s always a disappointment!)
  • I have dreamed since I was young that I would live in a totally off grid house in the country. In March this year we moved interstate to a rental that we didn’t realise was almost fully off grid. We are learning so much, and cannot wait to own our very own piece of land in the near future (bush retreat anyone!?)
  • I’m a through and through country gal and my soul is happiest in wide open spaces over the city
  • I’m very into the woo and love all things crystals, meditations, moon cycles and energy work

© Mel Donnelly 2021